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    Welcome to the Loyola Chess Club - Founded in 1961.

    The Loyola Chess Club has been in existence for many years and a very large number of students have been members over the years. The online presence was founded in March 2021 with the aim to widen the appeal and participation of this great sporting game. 


  • Introduction


    • History of Chess at Loyola

      Chess has a long history with the school. There are mentions in the yearbooks starting in the 1930s of individual students enjoying casual games in their down time. 

      The first mention of any kind of organized affair is in the 1961 Loyola Review and 2A's chess team.

      In 1965 we saw the formation of the first formal chess club. It had probably started around 1961/62, but clubs didn't usually get page space in the Review back then. We only found this because it was mentioned in a graduate's leaving message. 

      For 2 years in the early 70s it was under the Games Club, but returned as the Chess Club with it's first club photo in the yearbook in 1973:

      Below is a picture of an intense battle between a Teacher and student during a tournament in 2012:

      • Tournament 1 - March 2021

        The details regarding this Tournament can be found here. Good luck to all players!

        If you want to participate please enter your information here. 

        Send Dr Newton an email with any questions you may have (

        Once the Tournament is under way, updates can be found here. 

        • The Record Books

          Here you can find a list of winners and various other player stats.  (in development). 

          • Loyola Chess Team

            "We will take you to a deep dark forest where 2+2=5, and the path leading out is only wide enough for one."


            This is the section for the strongest Loyola players who will be able to represent Loyola in competitions against other schools. 

            Watch this space.......

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